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  • SYD BBQ Sauce - All American

    SYD BBQ Sauce - All American

    Slap Yo Daddy All American BBQ Sauce: Specially blended to be enjoyed by all BBQ regions around the USA with its fruity floral notes and mild heat. I incorporated an exotic blend of delicious...
  • SYD BBQ Sauce - Original

    SYD BBQ Sauce - Original

    Slap Yo Daddy BBQ Sauce: Blended to perfectly bring out the flavor of any meat with it's mild heat & complex sweetness and hint of tanginess. It has been winning BBQ competitions for Harry and...
  • SYD BBQ Sauce - Carolina Tangy

    SYD BBQ Sauce - Carolina Tangy

    Slap Yo Daddy Carolina Tangy BBQ Sauce: For fans of tangy sauces, this vinegar-based sauce will pucker up your lips and is awesome itself or when mixed with Harry's Cheeky Sweet Sauce. I love North...
  • SYD BBQ Sauce - Hot Burn

    SYD BBQ Sauce - Hot Burn

    Slap Yo Daddy Hot Burn BBQ Sauce: A different and hot version of Harry's winning flavors with more tomato flavor, more kick, and a balanced tanginess. It's complex flavor is a four-phase taste...