BBQ Wood Pellets

BBQ Wood Pellets we sell:

Lumberjack Pellets

Char Hickory 20# bags $16.99
Unique blend producing traditional charcoal flavors
(50% Red Oak, 40% Hickory, 10% Charcoal) 

100% Hickory 20# bags $16.99
Traditional BBQ favorite – good with beef, pork, or poultry

Apple Blend 20# bags $16.99
Mild, sweet flavor – good with pork and smoked cheese
(60% Red Oak, 40% Apple)

Competition Blend 20# bags $16.99 40# bags $31.99
(Maple-Hickory-Cherry) Our most popular blend – ideal for all food preparation
(1/3 Maple, 1/3 Hickory, 1/3 Cherry)

Pecan Blend 20# bags $16.99
Real southern smoke flavor – amazing with poultry and ribs
(60% Red Oak, 40% Pecan)

Mesquite Blend 
Strong, spicy, southwest cooking favorite
(60% Red Oak, 40% Mesquite)

100% Oak 20# bags $16.99
Great heat source with less smoke – for burgers, pizza, and baking

100% Cherry 20# bags $16.99
Mild and fruity smoke – gives a beautiful rose color to all meats

Green Mountain Grills

Premium Texas Blend 28# bags $19.99
Texas flavor in every pellet and is a perfect choice
Black Oak, American Hickory, and a hint of Texas Mesquite

Premium Gold Blend 28# bags $19.99
This mellow blend of Red Oak, American Hickory, and Mountain Maple
subtly flavors your food without overpowering it.

Premium Apple Blend 28# bags $19.99
This sublime blend of Apple Wood, American Hickory, and Red Oak is mature but gentle.

Premium Fruit Blend 28# bags $19.99
This bold blend of Orchard Cherry, American Beech, and Sweet Pecan
(yes, pecan is a fruit!) smells sweet when you cook with it